Barker Barnes Masterplan – Residential Architecture Drawings

Barker Barnes Masterplan

The development proposes a new edge to an existing local town. Based on the rural outlook and site constraints Blueprint worked with the client to create a 30-house scheme.

From a single point of access, the masterplan looks to position the design within the centre of the site to utilise the gradient and maintain the existing flora whilst additional landscaping has been added to create a masterplan which sits comfortably in the local surroundings.  

The houses are access via both sides of the main avenue which run along the existing contours. The two elements – open space and an avenue – lend character and legibility to the scheme. A sense of place and privacy, whilst providing views across the site and surrounding rural area.

Looking at the wider site a bike/pedestrian trail follow the natural water course to the East of the site. With the northern part of the site being transformed, with ecological grassland, natural play areas, and reinforced boundary planting.